Thursday June 27, 2019

About ailiart

Ailiart is owned and run by Mrs Aili Purdy who is trained in Beijing as a traditional Chinese artist.

She has exhibited her paintings in numerous occasions in China, but since settling in the UK in 2000, Aili has attempted to assimilate her techniques to those of the west. In 2002 Aili held a solo exhibition of her paintings in the Museum of East Asian Art, Bath, and received excellent feedback. Aili's new paintings are again on display in this museum between 25/2/2012 and 24/6/2012, entitled "Chinese Zodiac in Bath". Please visit Museum of East Asian Art for more information.

In addition to painting, Aili has been teaching the traditional Chinese painting techniques both in short courses for adults at her studio, and in college and schools. She has got a collection of painting works in a wide range of topics and styles. Some of these paintings can be viewed and purchased at her studio in Portishead, UK.